1. The pool is open to everyone who wants to enter. A contestant may add several subscriptions, at the cost of $20 for each or 2 for $30.
2. The subscription should be posted before October 17 , 2018 to: Val d’Amours Firefigthers, Hockey Pool 2018-2019, 1536, Val d'Amours road, Val d’Amours NB, E3N 5N4 The organizers take no responsabilities in the event of loss mail, the time of delivery or insufficient stamping.
3. The pool is for the 2018-2019 regular season only and the results will be updated weekly, starting November 2 , 2018.
4. Ranking is determinate by the most points (goals & passes)
5. In the event of a tie of 2 or more participants at the end of the month, or at the end of the season, the tie break will be made in the following ways:
a. The most goals
b. If the tie persists, the committee will make the decision between
a supervised draw or by dividing the prize.
6. If a player is wounded, transfer over to the minors or is fired, no compensation will be made.
7. The first publication will be made on friday nov, 2 2018 in the news paper l’Acadie NOUVELLE.
8. A total of $6 000 can be won. Winners will receive a check by mail.
9. While taking part in the contest, winners accept that we use their name and their photograph without any compensation.
10. Any decisions from the judges are final. For more information, please call (506)789-2094, visit our website
at WWW.POOLPOMPIER.COM or WWW.POOLEXPERT.COM starting October 26, 2018.

Price: 20$